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Best resort in panchgani

Experience Nirvana Eco & Agro Resort: Your Peaceful Escape with Nature's Beauty

Imagine waking up to the gentle whisper of leaves and the relaxing sounds of nature. At Nirvana Eco & Agro Resort, this beautiful dream comes to life. Hidden in the greenery of the mountains with a view of the dazzling Hatghegar Dam, Nirvana is more than just a getaway – it is an experience of peace and healing.

A Break from Daily Stress

In the middle of our busy lives, a place like Nirvana serves as a peaceful haven. Located on an open mountain ridge, this haven is located between the Venna and Kudal Valleys, protected by the Sahyadri Mountain Range. The clouds above seem bluer, and the world below feels quiet.

Enjoying Mother Nature's Beauty

Best resort in panchgani - mountin ridge

As you step into Nirvana, you step into a place far away from the city’s hustle and bustle. The resort is an entrance to national culture and the amazing beauty of nature. It is a place to relax, away from the rush and buzz of urban life, giving a vacation experience that you will remember forever.

Convenience With Nature

Nirvana’s location is not just beautiful, but also helpful. It is a cozy, beautiful drive away, located on the hill connecting the Venna and Kudal Valleys. Only 25 km from Mahabaleshwar City and 15 km from Panchgani City, it is an easy journey to a whole new world.

An Overview Of Farm Life

Nirvana Eco & Agro Resort was born out of the desire to give citizens a taste of traditional Western Indian life. Managed by a committed team of benefits, the resort allows you to bond with cultural history and make experiences that last a lifetime. It is a unique family-run business, designed to provide you with an experience like no other.

A Unique Resort

Best resort in panchgani - Farm

At Nirvana, we are committed to providing a holiday experience that is truly different. Here, you will discover an environment you have never experienced before. As the only one of its kind in the hill towns, Nirvana stands as an example of our dedication to giving you an amazing holiday.

Luxury in Nature

Best resort in Panchgani - Unique resort

Explore a life of luxury with our luxurious Jodhpuri Tents. These tents perfectly mix the Rajasthani setting with modern amenities. Air-conditioned and large, they are adorned with antique furniture, and each comes with a connected, roomy bath. 

Jodhpuri Tents : Admire Royalty

nirvana-jodhpuri tents-best resort in panchgani

The luxury Jodhpuri Tents are more than just housing; they are gateways to royal life. Originating from Rajasthan, these tents were originally used by Rajput royalty during big events. Each detail speaks of wealth and grandeur, giving you an experience that is both royal and comfy.

Experience Nirvana: Your Cultural Vacation

Nirvana Eco & Agro Resort is not just a location; it is an artistic way out. Step into a world where nature’s beauty meets country customs, and modern comforts mix effectively. Whether it is a romantic vacation, a family adventure, or a peaceful single getaway, Nirvana welcomes you to a unique experience that offers memories to last a lifetime.